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Visual Coexistence


Information design and Typography in the Intercultural Field (in English)
Interdisciplinary and intercultural experience coupled with sophisticated knowledge and skills are required for devising appropriate, differentiated design solutions for the global context. Ruedi Baur and his research team investigate and analyze visual graphics from different cultures and identify their specific principles of depiction.

The research was preceded by a comprehensive case study on the coexistence of Chinese and Latin as well as Arabic and Latin writing. The study culminates in an examination of the conditions under which the coexistence of diverse writing systems can enhance intercultural visual communication. This theme occupies designers in all cultures whose goal it is to promote global understanding while preserving the diversity of languages and writing systems.
Edited by Ruedi Baur, Ulrike Felsing, Civic City and HEAD Genève
With contributions by Ruedi Baur, Sébastien Fasel, Ulrike Felsing, Fabienne
Kilchör, Eva Lüdi Kong, Marco Maione, Roman Wilhelm
Design: Ulrike Felsing, Jeannine Moser, Roman Wilhelm

312 pages
193 illustrations
Format : 16,5 × 24 cm, 6 ½ × 9 ½ in
ISBN : 978-3-03778-613-0
Date of publication : June 2020